I have walked in your shoes. And while they looked great in the box, the reality was EXHAUSTING. 

Not so very long ago, my husband and I were the couple with romantic notions about wedding planning.

Notions which were swiftly dispelled after endless hours insta-scrolling and countless speed-dates with venues and vendors.

No more falling in love, only to discover that the setting of your dreams has a no grooms-dog policy. And no more missing out on the hidden treasures of the wedding world. 

We don’t just list businesses, we build relationships. 

Then we ask them all the right questions, so you get all the right answers. 

"We realised that what soon-to-be-weds needed wasn’t a directory, but a matchmaking service".


I’m Camilla, and Find My Perfect Venue is my bundle of joy.

A concierge service for the Pinterest board in your head – connecting your vision with its individual components.

With the pain of Google fatigue fresh in my memory, I took the learnings from our own wedding and used them to create the service we wished we’d had. 

A few short years later, and we now work with the most exceptional wedding venues Australia has to offer, tapping into their unique style and service to give brides and grooms their perfect match with minimal fuss. 

The perfect day starts with making the right connections – your perfect day starts right here.

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