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10 Things To Do As Soon As You Get Engaged

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Engaged but don’t know where to start?! Relax, we’ve got this!

BIG congratulations for the journey ahead with the best human you know! Now whilst I’m not here to burst your little love bubble, I am going to acknowledge (and hold you hand) the anxiety that often comes with “We’re engaged! Now where do we even start!”.

The big c word (no! you dirty birds, I’m talking commitment) feels both stressful and exhilarating. It’s also a major milestone, and planning a wedding together an official way of saying ” I want to do life with you!”.  Now let’s get you organised with your very next steps! Yes you will have to plan many things and do many tasks but :many” is subjective my friends! Certainly, you do not have to follow a set rule to execute the plan as long as you take care of the immediate tasks.

Here’s a rundown of ten things you should do as soon as you say “Heck Yass”.
Make it Official
Sharing your joys of life over social media looks good. But, breaking the happy news of your engagement first to your parents on a one-on-one level makes a huge difference. Further, it adds to your euphoria. So, visit them, if you stay in the same city.
Alternatively, you can call them to share the news of your engagement with your partner. This is a very important phase in your life. Hence, do not miss a single chance to make it even more special.
Next up in the line are your closest friends, who will definitely be on your wedding day guest list. Once all of the special persons of your life know of your engagement and have lavished you with affection, post it on social media.
Take Ten! Celebrate the Engagement Bliss with your Partner
Engagement is a once-in-a-lifetime occasion that deserves celebration. Embrace and relish your engagement before moving on to the hustle and bustle of D-day preparations. Jubilate your engagement, just the two of you. It feels blissful to take a few moments to enjoy your new relationship status before changing it to “Got Married!!”.
Get Set to Plan and Organise
Planning for your wedding involves dealing with and managing a lot of things. You might have plenty of inspirations, ideas, and favourites in your mind. All of it just requires finalisation and execution. Prior to that, you need to have a proper organisational system in place to keep a record of all of your wedding-related information and tasks. Plan what needs to be done and when it has to be done.
An organisational tool, whether Google Drive, calendar apps, or any other digital or conventional resource, will help you track everything. Additionally, this will enable you to complete every task – small or bog, on time. Consequently, organising everything ahead of time helps reduce stress and allows you to get right to work on those crucial wedding arrangements.
Deciding the Wedding Dates & Venues
Deciding a timeline for the wedding is the most realistic beginning point for wedding planning. Soon after your engagement, talk to your partner about your wedding timeframes, so you’re both on the same page. Then, you can get the show on the road if you’re working on a standard schedule.
It’s possible that you won’t know your precise wedding date for a long time, as it relies on a number of things, including the availability of your preferred venue. However, deciding on a broad time frame will help you start with the planning process and give your plans some shape.
Talk about the Budgets
One of the first and probably the most important elements on any wedding checklist boils down to determining your budget. Without any reluctance, discuss the money matters with your partner, including how much you’re both prepared to spend. Take into account your funds, any contributors for the wedding day, and even your existing debt. Also, discuss with your soulmate to come up with a reasonable estimate.
Take into account every small factor that can directly impact the cost of your wedding. For instance, the guest count affects the budget significantly. Therefore, both of you need to agree on that figure as well.
Gather Some Creative Inspiration
Wedding websites, magazines, Pinterest, Instagram, and other social media websites are great sources of fancy wedding day ideas. Wish to have a special theme or style for your wedding? These platforms can surely be your best help.
Create a Pinterest board, an Instagram album, or a computer folder to collect images of your favourite wedding components. Meanwhile, share it with your wedding planner or family or anybody else who wishes to contribute knick-knacks. When the time to actually book and purchase things comes, you will have a clearer notion of your wedding.
Sizing your Engagement Ring to the Right Fit
The size of your engagement ring matters the most. Moreover, it holds all your heart and life. You simply would not want to lose it just because of its wrong fit. As soon as you find that your engagement ring does not fit you perfectly, take it to the jeweller to resize it. After all, you don’t want to toss aside the token of your love life just minutes after saying yes.
Obtain Engagement Ring Insurance as early as possible
As soon as you or your partner purchase and acquire possession of the engagement ring, insure it. You may not expect anything to happen to your priceless memento. However, the sooner you insure it, the sooner you’ll be covered. In case your ring gets lost or stolen, insurance is the only way to regain it without having to buy a new one. In addition, insurance coverage is usually pocket-friendly, and the sense of security it provides is priceless.
Research the Venues & Wedding Planners
You can’t set a date until you’ve found your ideal wedding venue. Do some preliminary research online, get some references, or call to inquire about pricing and availability if you already have a destination in mind. The same goes while exploring wedding planners. You can set up some interviews with the vendors to find the best.
Finalise, Book & Shop
Everything is set – date, venue, guests, bridesmaids/best man, vendors, and much more. Start booking them so that you get the things done well in advance. Make a checklist, mark your calendars according to the timelines, and stick to it. Shop for your wedding outfits and alter the extras.
Wedding preparations after your engagement gives a lot of strain to the body and mind. But, among all of this chaos, enjoy the process of welcoming the new phase of your life at a beautiful location.

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