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The fun and easy way to find the perfect venue!

Why not turn the venue hunt into a delightful adventure? It’s a breeze, we promise! And guess what? It’s all about having a blast!

Craft your very own “Venue Match” profile and let it shine in front of our treasure trove of wedding, event, private retreat, and photoshoot locations, filled with secret gems all across Australia.

Whether you’re racing against the clock (venue chaos or unexpected family hiccups), have a particular checklist in mind, or simply wish for someone else to handle the nitty-gritty, we’ll guide you from bewildered to booked in no time!

Why not make the process of finding the perfect venue less overwhelming! It’s easier than you think! And did we mention it’s fun?!


How do clients rate Venue Matchmaker?

“We searched high and low on Google and all the usual wedding websites with no luck. We even enquired with 78 venues and still didn’t find the venue we were matched with. Best service!” 

Negar + Zak

“Matchmaker was a massive help to my husband and my wedding recently, we had a short time schedule to find a venue and they matched us with both budget and available when we needed. Which we had an amazing time with! Can’t recommend this service highly enough!”

Josh + Eric

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