wedding budget bootcamp

Get the wedding of your dreams without creating a financial nightmare.

*First round starts March 29th!*

The inside track on how to set (and stick to) a realistic budget.

Already feeling the pressure?

Weddings can be a minefield….the invitation list guilt-fest, cousin Bob hitting the table wine a little too hard and let’s not even talk about the seating plan.

But getting on top of your budget from minute one (or any time after, in fact) really does take a huge amount of pain out of a process we all actually want to enjoy.

So, while I can’t help you with overly-cuddly cousin Bob, budgeting I can do.

SIXTY PERCENT of couples underestimate how much their wedding is going to cost  – not to mention those who end up canning their honeymoon to make the sums work…

Then there’s the 60% of Australian couples who take out a loan to fund their big day,  and the 18% who use their credit card.* That’s a whole lot of debt stored up for married life.

Whether your budget is $5,000 or $150,000, I can help.

Setting a wedding budget can seem impossible. For some, it’s a case of starting with what $$ you’ve got access to, and working backwards. For others, the budget takes on a life of its own as the costs start mounting up.

You’re in luck… think of me as the Commando Steve of wedding budgeting. Now drop and give me 20!

Find My Perfect Venue’s Wedding Budget Bootcamp is designed to turn you into a financial ninja, maximising bang for your buck and helping you pinpoint your spending priorities.

“I wish I’d had Camilla’s insights before I started planning our wedding. For starters, I budgeted $500 for a dress and ended up spending over $3,000… But, better late than never, we got things back on track and ended up with an incredible day (and, thank goodness, no financial hangover)."

So what makes this course so gosh darn perfect?

Invaluable information

We’ve seen it all, done it all, and paid the bills. We know from the hard-won experience of brides and grooms across Australia what it takes to deliver a fabulous wedding. We’ll give you the insights you need to realistically weed out the Kardashian aspirations from the necessities. Because, let’s face it, Versailles isn’t in everyone’s budget…

Practical Tools

When you’re planning a wedding you need more than a glorified spreadsheet – you need user-friendly, tweakable calculators that spell out the nitty-gritty for a range of budgets and individual priorities. We’ll help you create a budget based on actual costs from actual vendors, matched to your financial priorities and vision.

Expert Advice

No-one knows weddings better than the venues and vendors who show up every day for couples with very different visions and budgets. Instead of spitting into the wind and hoping you’ve got your numbers right, our experts have delivered a realistic menu to help you with not only inspiration, but the financial heavy lifting.

Is the Wedding Budget Bootcamp for YOU?

Combining invaluable industry insights with practical exercises tailored to your individual circumstances, this course is perfect for you, if you’re:

A no bull, no frills course to help you pay for all the frills you want!

Get the support, training, resources and inspiration you need to plan a knockout wedding – without spending a lifetime paying for it

Set a realistic budget

Clearly define your priorities

Discover how to get the most from your $$$

Receive expert support to achieve your goals

Who even am I?

I’m Camilla Airs, wedding wonderwoman and chief budget ass-kicker. I got into this business because I’ve been in your shoes – totally at sea with all the things, all the bills, all the decisions. I wanted to make life easier and weddings even better.

So, I founded Find My Perfect Venue, which has blossomed into so much more – a wedding concierge service in fact, connecting brides and grooms with the best the industry has to offer. We’re not a directory, because for me it’s personal. That’s why I work with hand-picked venues and vendors and connect personally with couples, to make sure you get to experience wedding bliss.

And what better way to lay the foundations, than to help you invest your dollars where they matter the most, for YOU. Get the support, training, resources and inspiration you need to plan a knockout wedding – without spending a lifetime paying for it.

The first of many choices!

The way I see it, you can do this one of two ways…

Way #1: The hard way.

Google, guesswork and an Excel spreadsheet (or cover your eyes and hope – up to you really).

As the costs tick up and you sweat your way through the coming months, it’s a case of praying you won’t be blindsided by an expense you just hadn’t thought about. Maybe that means taking out a loan, hitting up a parent or dipping into your house deposit.

You won’t be the first (or last) to do it that way, but I wish you luck.

Way #2: Join the bootcamp and show your budget who’s boss.

Go into this process with your eyes wide open and your wallet kept in check – spending your hard-earned budget in the areas that will have most impact on YOUR special day. Because that’s different for everyone. Support and resources to help you breeze through the planning, and come out the other side without any nasty financial surprises. It’s a match made in Heaven! 

What you get from my Wedding Budget Bootcamp

Expert Masterclasses

Practical training and actionable homework, helping you master wedding planning.

Personal Support

Access to me, Camilla – head honcho of Find My Perfect Venue. I’ve seen it all and I have a waterproof shoulder.

Resource Library

Tools to help you easily apply all your learnings to your own circumstances, so you can feel your budget mastery as it grows… mwahaha.

Facebook Group

A beautiful space to bounce around ideas, problem solve and share with a community that’s never bored (unlike friends and family) of hearing your wedding chatter.

Kick-ass Discounts

Money off and extra special deals some of the most delightful vendors we’ve encountered.

"I feel like we have so much to do and I am stressing out because most of the quotes I've gotten are over budget . I am needing help with the following things that will not cost me a small fortune . Any help, offers , tips or advice that would help to save money or not overly expensive super appreciated".

Your Investment

For a limited time you can snap up the Wedding Budget Bootcamp for a teeny weeny $397. After the early bird, the price will be $497

Yes, just $396 (or 4 x $99  monthly instalments to set yourself up for wedding perfection, without blowing the budget.

You’ve said it once, and you’re gonna say it again, so let’s sneak in one more….