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Touring a Wedding Venue? Here are our Do’s and Don’ts.

We’ve hosted dozen of wedding venue tours, and we know one thing for sure: organisation is key! Here are our do’s and don’ts for touring a wedding venue and making up your mind confidently and calmly.

DO make an appointment

An unannounced guest can send you from cool, calm and collected to frantic mess in a matter of minutes. Ever had a close friend drop by when you’re in the bath, or waxing your legs? We all like a bit of notice to prepare for someone’s arrival, because we like to show our best selves.
Always make an appointment to tour a wedding venue so you’re not unintentionally gate crashing another tour, or worse, another wedding. Awkward!

DO ask to take photos

If you’re visiting a few wedding venues, trust me when I tell you that you’ll forget which venue had those beautiful barnyard barrels. You can only see so much wedding venue eye candy before they all start to blend in to one! It helps to remember each venue’s selling points when you snap some shots on your phone, with the venue’s permission of course.

DO a lot of research

Check out each venue’s Instagram account, Facebook account, as well as their online reviews via Google, Yelp and The Knot. A good social media following will indicate that they care about connecting with potential couples, and Facebook comments will allow you to read of other’s past experiences. All in all, a strong online presence demonstrates that the venue cares about their image, and this same care usually trickles down to their customer service.

DO ask lots of questions.

We recommend doing this in a follow up email for every venue, so you can compare the benefits and features side-by-side, rather than trying to rack your brain for answers. It’s also good to have these answers in writing, should you want to follow up.

DON’T discuss the venue with your partner in front of the venue staff.

There are two reasons for this: your decision should be a private one where you have the space to make up your mind, and; you don’t want to offend venue staff if you’re not too keen on their bathrooms.

DON’T rush through venues.

We know that the Yarra Valley and Dandenong Ranges are bursting with a variety of beautiful venues that you can easily picture yourself traipsing through with your camera and partner in tow. It makes your decision a lot easier if you create a shortlist of wedding venues to visit, and then pop in over the course of a few week days. That way, you can spend as much time as you need to, and the venue staff will be able to give you the time and attention you need.

DON’T book on a Saturday.

Most weddings are on the weekends. Book in your annual leave and enjoy a quiet experience on a weekday.

DON’T bring your entire bridal party.

The more people attending the venues, the more opinions you have to consider, not to mention, you’ll have to coordinate everyone’s schedule to attend. Bring those who matter (your mother and your maid of honour) and send everyone else photos of the venues.

DON’T book under pressure.

The decision is yours to make, so don’t feel rushed or give in to your FOMO. The same goes for everything else wedding-related!

DON’T drink too much champagne.

A few wedding venues may offer a complimentary drink. But as you know, judgment gets impaired after a few glasses. Politely decline, and don’t forget to line your stomach with a healthy, filling meal.

Like every last detail of your wedding, going in with a game plan helps to alleviate a lot of overwhelm, and any irrational decisions that may result.
Get yourself organised, and you’ll find that you’re in a far better headspace to create the wedding of your dreams.
Happy planning!

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