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Symon + Gabriella – The Trust, Melbourne

Step inside The Trust and you’re transported back in time to the glamour and sophistication of an unforgettable era – The Roaring 20’s. For history buffs, this beauty is the original Port of Melbourne Authority Building – Heritage listed with a generous nod to the Beaux-Arts style. Think dark polished woods, striking marble floors, dramatic windows, and luxurious open spaces, hanging pendant lighting.

Naturally, the hopeless romantic in me wanted a first-hand account. I wanted a peek behind the curtains to see what it was really like for a couple to celebrate their big day at this iconic, Flinders Lane, “Manhattan meets Melbourne” venue.

And golly! What a treat we have for you. 


our reviewer: Symon Lovett

Aussie Goggleboxer and Podcaster, Symon Lovett delivered the goods, folks! He and wife Gabriella Russo curated the ultimate Wedding experience (even keeping the exact reception location a surprise until guests were at the doors! The detail is delicious and sets the scene for Venue Hunters looking for a contempory take in a classic setting.

first impressions of the venue

“When my partner and I first saw it, it was mid renovation and even in that state we looked at each other and said well we can’t not get married here!”

venue style and vibe - "It's visually spectacular"

“I truly think that if you’re after a metropolitan style wedding you just can’t not choose The Trust once you see it. The outside of the building is stunning. 1920s build with the old-world glamor that comes with that time. The inside is all of that and more. It’s visually spectacular!”.

layout + spaces

“Functionally it’s massive so can fit any size but the layout allows you to expand and shrink areas as required. We were able to use one area for our cocktail party, a separate area for food, a third space for dancing. Opening and closing those spaces with creative use of seating. It kept all of our guests together to maximise that fun vibe”

the staff

“That’s not even mentioning the staff. They were incredible. Attentive and caring for our guests, which understandably is what you want with a room full of people you love. It was so much fun!”

final words

“The Trust was wild! It’s just breathtakingly beautiful. It really is THAT simple”.

want to hear more?

If you want the full scoop on the “wedding of the decade”, tune in to Symon’s Wedding Story on The Adam and Symon Show Episode 13, Season 6.

It’s actually hilarious (we’re talking hot sweats, ceremony oyster shucking, enthusiastic flower girls, the parent dismount, half time oranges, city pizza slices and of course the full run down of the epic celebration at The Trust, which, in his words was “Electric”. #sweetcaroline

Thanks Symon!

wedding dream team

Couple: Symon Lovett and Gabriella Russo
Photographer: Art of Grace Weddings
Venue: The Trust, Melbourne
Suits: Tomba
Bridal Gown: Inpira
Rings: Gucci
Florist: Anatomy of Flowers
Wedding Planner: The Good Smiths
Venue: The Trust, Melbourne
Location: Heart of Melb CBD
Venue Type: Landmark | Reception Centre
Venue Vibe: Unique | Blank Canvas | Big Wedding
Venue Service: All inclusive
Catering: In-house Catering + In-house Alcohol
Standing Capacity: 400-450
Seated Capacity: 200 – 250
Curfew: 12am
Minimum Spend: (Low Season): $20-25K
Minimum Spend: (High Season): $30-35K
Average Per Person: (Low Season): $160-200
Average Per Person (High Season): $160-200
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