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Sylvia + Tim – Mewburn Park Homestead Wedding

Sylvia & Tim | Mewburn Park Homestead, Maffra VIC | 20.02.22 

Not only did it have a great marquee, but it was so beautiful. The gardens were so luscious and green, there were so many options for ceremony locations and the homestead was beautiful. Love at first sight!

how did you meet?

I don’t remember meeting Tim. We were at a uni foam party upon first meeting we kissed.. but I was a little intoxicated and forgot the whole thing. Tim remembered… But a few weeks later I was with a friend and Tim walked past. I thought he was cute so I asked her if she knew him. To my surprise she said we had met and already kissed. After that we became good friends.. we were actually the single ones out of our uni group. After 18 months of friendship we finally gave in… and the rest is history! We’ve been together for 8 years.

where did you get married?

We got married at Mewburn Park Homestead. Click here to view profile and learn more

the venue

The only thing we knew we wanted when we started looking at venues was that we wanted a clear marquee full of fairy lights. When we found Mewburn Park we didn’t want to look elsewhere, we knew it was the one. Not only did it have a great marquee, but it was so beautiful. The gardens were so luscious and green, there were so many options for ceremony locations and the homestead was beautiful. Love at first sight!

wedding budgets: insights

What we loved about Mewburn was that we could pick the caterers we wanted (with their recommendation) and Mewburn took care of the beverage package. We also liked that it was a very reasonable venue hire fee.

wedding budget: Tips + Tricks

Decide the things that matter to you and the things that you don’t value as much. We knew that flowers was super important to us so we ensured we had lots of those and lots of what we wanted. Whereas we weren’t huge fans of cake, so we opted for a cookie tower instead!

must haves and non-negotiables

We knew we wanted a venue that would allow some flexibility with timings and allow for a longer package. We knew we wanted to be there for a while and we didn’t want to feel like we had to rush from each moment to the next because we were in a super tight/short package. That’s another reason we picked Mewburn. Starting at 3:30pm and finishing at 11pm allowed us to have a lovely canape hour that we could join, followed by a dinner and then PLENTY of time for dancing! We didn’t feel rushed and we feel like we were able to enjoy each moment. And the flowers – we had to have lots of gorgeous colourful flowers. Our florist (Pollen and Patina) 100% got our vision – we gave her some inspo photos along with all of the decor items we had and what our bridal party was wearing and she made the whole thing a reality. Everyone mentioned how beautiful all the flowers were.

venue experience, hosts + staff

Julia and Adam who own Mewburn are the loviest people on the planet. We were unfortunate that our wedding landed in the middle of covid, but they made the move so smooth. They were so helpful and supportive. I sent them email upon email with so many questions and they answered each time with so much detail and patience. I always felt like whatever I needed, they were there, with a smile. They are part of the reason we felt like we needed to go with Mewburn. They made the day so special and we felt so looked after.

food + drinks

The food was by Duart and we are so glad we went with them. They have a few different menu options and they worked with us to make our dream menu a reality. As I am south american, I was keen to add in some latin touches, and Duart were super accomodating to do so – we added empanadas to the canapes, a beef cheek to the feasting menu and some churros as dessert. So many people said they loved the food. In terms of drinks, this was organised by Mewburn. I loved that there were so many options for people to choose from, even lots of non-alcoholic options. We also opted for some cocktail jugs for canape hour which was perfect with the hot weather. Julia recommended some delicious cocktails for those and the guests loved them!

secret photo spots?

Lisa (our photographer) is a regular at Mewburn so she knew every hidden gem. From the paddocks, to in front of the old homestead, to in front of the cactus wall. It felt like we really took photos everywhere. We got so many gorgeous photos.

best part of your day

Sitting back and watching everyone in the marquee. The sun was setting, we were having delicious food, the live music was playing and we were listening to our friends and family give speeches. It was very surreal and so special.

our expert advice

Don’t feel like you have to stick to traditions. We broke quite a few and I’m so glad we did because they felt special to us. We did a first look because we wanted to see each other, by ourselves, before anyone else saw that moment. We both walked down the aisle with both our parents – we know it’s not tradition for the groom to walk down and it’s tradition just for the dad to walk down the bride, but we both wanted to give this moment to our parents as we are very close to them and they both raised us. We didn’t do a cake – we didn’t want people to feel like they needed to sit and eat cake, we wanted them to dance so we did cookie and churros as dessert and peopled LOVED them! We had uneven bridal parties because we didnt want to feel like we needed to add/remove anyone just to hit a perfect number. And my bridesmaids all wore different things because I wanted each one to feel beautiful and comfortable.

our wedding vendors

Venue: Mewburn Park @mewburnpark, Photographer: Lisa Hayman @lisahaymanphotofilm, Florals: @pollen_and_patina, Dress: @kwhbridal Makeup: @ellejames_makeup Hair: @theheadboutique Videographer: @fourbyfourfilms Catering: @duartmaffra Entertainment: @littlewolfentertainment Rings: @saphiradiamonds

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