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The Ultimate Guide to Finding, Funding and Booking Your Wedding Venue


This is the ultimate go-to guide for everything you need to know about Wedding Venues! From researching to shortlisting to contracts and budgets plus all the checklists and templates you’ll ever need!



I have poured 7 years of knowledge and know-how into one easy-to-follow ebook with a fillable workbook of checklists and templates to take with you on tour and to work through in your own time.

Over 60 pages of golden nuggets PLUS a bonus resource guide telling you exactly HOW MUCH WEDDING VENDORS COST!

The workbook alone is over 30 pages of editable templates including

  • My Dream Venue Vision Board
  • Venue Tour Details
  • Wedding Venue Checklist 
  • Venue Comparison
  • Venue Shortlist
  • Wedding Venue Budget
  • Venue  Coordinator  Meeting
  • Venue Accomodation -(Onsite, Offsite, Room Allocation)
  • Wedding Venue Contract Checklist
  • Venue Timeline –  Month to month checklist
  • Venue Timeline – Wedding Day

I cannot wait for you to enjoy this and feel like you are in the drivers seat when it comes to finding the perfect venue!