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Real-talk with industry experts.

The opportunity to run a better wedding venue operation is available to you right now! 

Your FREE roundtable sessions includes a private, solution focussed consult with your chosen experts with easy-to-understand, actionable steps for your venue to implement right away! 

One expert says, “Sometimes I find ways to save people thousands of dollars in one phone call!”

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Make couples your best referral source!

“I offer expert advice on building relationships with couples (and your wedding vendors) so they genuinely refer you on to other couples getting married in the future.

I can also offer expert advice on customer service skills that will have a lasting impression on your couples so they refer you to other couples. The truth is venues can have beautiful views, food and drinks but if their customer service skills and relationship building skills are not great then they will always need to work really hard to secure their next booking.

In our session together, we’ll roll up our sleeves and take a close look at your current customer journey. We work out what your biggest challenge is, how your business will benefit when you lead with nailing the customer experience and brain storm ideas to make the necessary changes”.


Let's make Google Ads love at first byte!

“I specialise in Google Ads set-up, management and audits. From day one, my referrals and revenue have gone gangbusters, and I now have over 300 five-star reviews. I love what I do and have fun doing it. This isn’t an outsourcing house; a hands-on approach is central to my service. I work closely with you across your entire journey and manage all Google Ads accounts in-house.

I continually polish my processes and am plugged into best practices and algorithm updates. I don’t pass your business around or white label my work; the buck stops with me.  

In our session together we’ll tackle Google Ads! Do you have an existing Google Ads account with data? Why not get a specialist with fresh eyes to take a look. If you already have an account manager, we can do this audit undetected. Feel free to take notes and DIY”!

digital marketing powerhouse - lauren samuels

Master your marketing and level up your business!

Lauren is the director at The Vibe Tribe and is a seasoned marketing and social media expert with over 15 years of experience in the wedding industry. Her expertise lies in developing and executing effective marketing strategies that help businesses attract and retain their ideal wedding clients. Lauren has worked with a diverse range of clients, from small startups to established industry leaders, and has helped them achieve their business goals through targeted and results-driven marketing campaigns.

As a passionate advocate of continuous learning and professional development, Lauren stays up-to-date with the latest marketing trends and best practices. She has a keen eye for identifying areas of improvement and developing actionable steps to help businesses move the needle and achieve their marketing objectives. we’ll take your wedding business to the next level, Lauren’s expertise and guidance can help you achieve your goals. Contact her today for a marketing audit and start attracting more dream wedding clients.

In our session together we’ll provide your business with a comprehensive analysis of your current marketing efforts, along with personalised recommendations and strategies for improvement.

FACEBOOK ADS STRATEGY - shenny neveceral

Create a love match with Mark Zuckerberg (aka Facebook) and your business!

“I specialise in Facebook, Instagram and Tik Tok Paid ads as well as UGC (user generated content) videos. It’s no secret that Facebook Advertising can be very daunting and confusing for a lot of businesses. But it’s so important to be seen on the most popular social media platforms in the world. So how do you juggle this?

I have an Accounting degree and have been in marketing for nearly 35 years so I understand how Digital Marketing can take a business to the next level. I am also a Certified Facebook Media Buyer and in the past 12 months I’ve generated over $5 million in sales for my clients.We go out of the way to make sure every one of our clients receive all the attention they deserve. And unlike many big digital agencies, we ensure communication is a high priority.

In our session we’ll work to understand how Facebook Ads can change the scope of our business and take it to the next level. We’ll understand some confusing terms such as AOV (average order value) Lifetime Value of the customer as well as customer acquisition costs. We’ll then go on to discuss strategies on how you can use Facebook Advertising to increase sales in your business. By the end of our session you’ll have a clear understanding how you can utilise the most powerful platforms in the world to bring extra revenue for your business using paid advertising. If you are currently running ads, we’ll step into your Business Manager and recommend changes to increase your returns.

To book in, simply click the button below and can schedule in a 45 min session with Shenny. Please reference “FMPV Expert Session”.

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