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Wedding Industry Marketing Specialist

In your complimentary session, you’ll Join forces with your own dedicated wedding industry marketing specialist. 

Hollie helps big-hearted wedpreneurs and creatives just like you to grow, build and scale your wedding business with high-converting social media and wedding marketing solutions that book more of the weddings you actually want to be part of.

“If you want to run a successful wedding business that thrives in today’s super-charged digital world, you have two choices:

a) Continue to do what 94% of your industry peers are doing. Attempt to run your wedding business with out-dated marketing tactics that are not working OR become an industry leader in the online wedding space by developing a stand-out brand that commands attention, while implementing cutting-edge sales & marketing systems”. 

I’m giving you a FREE, no-obligation, 30-minute, marketing and social media strategy session, when you’re one of their premium clients.

expert 2

Financial Strategist

Chris Alleyn has a passion for helping people and a talent for finding that needle in the haystack.

With this in mind AMC Biz Solutions was born to help people manage their bookwork and have everything in order.

Chris is  a Registered BAS Agent, so that can give you peace of mind to make sure extra care is taken with your finances. 

“Work smarter not harder in your wedding venue business.

We will make sure you are compliant and also that you have the opportunity to maximise your profits in your business”.

I’m giving you 2 x FREE, no-obligation, 30-minute, financial strategy sessions when you’re one of their premium clients.

expert 3

Growth Strategy, SEO & Website Audit

Not your average digital agency, this self-professed “crew of nerds” will give you incredible ideas for developing an effective website and digital implementation that’ll give your business the kick to the moon you’ve been looking for.

“Our magic little elves will go off, and find your website alongside all your competitors. We’ll then compile a list of things they have that you don’t. (By the way, your competitors aren’t who you think they are.) 

We get it. You’ve got an incredible venue. A-class catering services and you couldn’t imagine why anyone would want to have their event anywhere else. Now, you need more eyeballs on your venue and you need to show up right when the couple-to-be start looking. Then, you need them to take one look and instantly fall in love. It’s harder than it looks. Especially when you’ve got staff to manage, events to run and guests to tend to. But these guys have partnered with us to help you get there”.

We’re giving you a FREE, no-obligation, 30-minute, growth strategy session, when you’re one of their premium clients.

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