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How To Maximize Your Wedding Budget

Being savvy with your budget when planning your wedding is a wise idea. Our blog today was inspired by Jolda, who is walking down the aisle soon. She is looking for ways to save money without sacrificing her vision for a beautiful day. 

Can you share your best tips and tricks for keeping my budget down?

Maximizing your wedding budget takes some planning, skill and thought. Start by making a list of all your expenses and list them in order of how important they are to you. For example, some foodie couples need the best quality food and top-shelf drinks while others spend more on flowers or music. Knowing your priorities helps you craft your budget. 

If you can channel your inner DIY queen, you can make some decorations for your wedding and save a lot. You could design your centerpieces, signs and make handmade wedding favors that are unique and personal.

Next, look at your friends and family and think about their talents. Maybe you have a friend who has a secret desire to be a DJ. Someone good at baking could whip up the wedding cake. Enlisting a friend to be your celebrant is an honor for them and adds a personal touch that can make the ceremony extra special since they’ve known you for so long. It will also save you money. You might like to offer a gift or some money, but it won’t cost as much as a professional vendor would cost. 

Flowers are often a big expense at weddings because you need bouquets, buttonholes, ceremony flowers and centerpieces, and florals for signage, hair, and cake. It all adds up! Talk to your florist about recycling the ceremony flowers to use at the reception. For example, if you have an archway, it could be moved and used as a backdrop to the bridal table for dinner. Or you might use these flowers for centerpieces. It can be a time crunch to get it done, but a successful plan can be executed if the florist knows in advance. Naturally, most florists won’t suggest this as they would prefer to make the centerpieces in advance and get more profit. You should expect to still pay for the service of moving or creating the florals, but the cost will be lower since you will be using fewer flowers. 

More Tips
If you have friends and family already married, ask them if they still have wedding decorations or supplies. Most people put them in a box and never use them again. 

Consider buying secondhand or used wedding items. For example, you might buy secondhand bridal heels, which we can call “vintage” because it sounds more fashionable. While brand new bejeweled shoes are nice, you don’t see them under the dress. 

Here are some websites where you can find good deals on wedding supplies and services:

Weddings Australia Marketplace

Wholesale Wedding Superstore
Paper Lust

Shop around, research well and ask friends and family for recommendations, so you hire the right people for your dream wedding. Don’t be scared to ask if any special deals, discounts, or offers are coming up when dealing with vendors. 

We hope this article has sparked some ideas on how to maximize your wedding budget. It’s not easy to stick to a budget, but you can do it!

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