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How To Make A Wedding Arbour For Your Backyard Wedding

We often find inspiration for our blogs from questions asked on some of the wedding social media groups so we can address the real issues faced by couples planning their weddings.

Today’s blog follows Caitlin’s message about her wedding that will take place at her parent’s place.

“We are doing our ceremony at my parents property and I’m looking for super affordable ways to decorate. Arbour hire is upwards of $200 and I don’t want to spend that much. Do you have any ideas on how to save money?”

There is something so intimate and romantic about a backyard wedding. Plus, a major advantage is it’s an affordable option, especially if you don’t have to pay a venue fee. You might decide to get married in your parent’s garden or even your own pretty place.

Still, there are many costs with the wedding arbour often being one of the most expensive. So we’ve come up with some innovative ideas to get that dreamy archway without having to rent one.

Start by looking around the garden to see if any existing structure or natural feature like trees could be turned into a wedding arbour. Remember, you can decorate any structure if needed. It might be a garden pergola or arch to a walkway. This is the most affordable solution and it might be right there already.

If that idea fails, you can make your own wedding arbour even if you only have basic DIY skills. Maybe you could buy a garden pergola from your local gardening store and gift it to the person hosting your garden wedding. They can be the perfect shape and are sturdy. Or you could buy some wood and make your own. This would be a rustic archway using old wood that you could find at a hardware store, second-hand shop, lumber yard, or even the dump. Someone’s trash could be your treasure. Maybe you have a friend who is good with woodwork. Nailing the pieces of wood together and making sure there is some kind of base, so it is stable isn’t so difficult. You can also use big tree branches to make an earthy-looking archway which could bring your cost down to almost zero.

Once you have your wedding arbour you need to think about dressing it. Fabric is an inexpensive way to decorate the archway and you can use white or add some color to match your theme or color palette. Choose soft material that is easy to drape and wrap it around the arbor, so it flows nicely, then fix it in place to ensure it doesn’t blow away as you say, “I do.”

Flowers and greenery are the finishing touches to your lovely wedding arbour. You can buy flowers from the local market or pick them straight from the garden if they are in season. The greenery can come from the garden too. If your budget has some wiggle room or collecting foliage isn’t easy, ask your local florist to quote you on supplying seasonal greenery. Save more by picking it up.

The archway is the main feature of the ceremony that frames the lovely couple and appears in almost every photo. But it’s usually only used during the ceremony, which is 20-30 minutes on average for a garden wedding. It might be used as a backdrop for family photos or moved behind the bridal table if you have the reception in the garden too, but often once the ceremony is over, it’s not needed. So it’s understandable that you would like to have a beautiful wedding arbour that doesn’t cost too much. We hope you have found the inspiration to get creative and make your gorgeous arbor for the ceremony. It’s going to be a gorgeous wedding!

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