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How To Live Stream Your Wedding

A wedding trend that has become more popular due to Covid is live streaming weddings. This blog was inspired by bride-to-be Sam who is downsizing her guest list to have an intimate ceremony to keep her original wedding date. She wants to invite everyone not attending to view online and needs help on how to do that. 

“Like many others, we have postponed our wedding until everyone can get vaccinated. We will still do a micro ceremony and would like to live stream our ceremony. How did you do it? Just a Zoom call or something else?”

The idea of live streaming weddings has been around for a while, especially for couples having destination weddings. With Covid forcing many couples to have small weddings and guests being unable to travel, live streaming of weddings has become mainstream. Sometimes the ceremony is live-streamed and also important parts of the reception such as speeches and first dance. 

So how to live stream your wedding? You can either have it done professionally or do it yourself. 

To check the price of having it done professionally, start with your videography team (if you’ve hired one). Often they will offer live streaming services and the quality will be excellent compared to DIY. If you don’t have a videography team, ask your photographer. As well as quality steaming including almost 100% guaranteed Internet connection, a professional won’t get in the way of the other cameras documenting your wedding. If you can afford to go pro, it’s the best option. 

If you have a tight budget, you can get a friend, family member, or venue staff to stream the wedding for you. This can be done on a phone, tablet, or laptop using Zoom, Skype, or a similar video conferencing method. Guests can be given the link to join in advance for the day. They can get dressed up in their best clothes or stay in their pyjamas to watch the wedding. Either way, they will be celebrating your love story and enjoying the day.

The other option is to create a private Facebook Group and “go live” when you are ready to stream. You can broadcast multiple times and see all the comments of those who can’t be with you in person. Guests can also share real time photos from the event with your virtual guests. This option can be easier to navigate as it doesn’t require passwords and waiting rooms like Zoom. 

It is wise to check the Internet strength at your venue before the day. The person streaming should be tech-savvy and confident. Also, you need to decide if the person will be sitting in one place for the duration or moving around. For sure, your photographer will prefer there isn’t someone moving around if they are not experienced at shooting weddings. They can accidently get in the way of important shots or block the view of your guests who are right there with you. It can also be distracting to have someone moving around during your vows and ring exchange. We recommend you put the person streaming in the front row and have them remain seated. That gives your online guests the same view your in-person guests have. 

Finally, let everyone, including the bridal party and venue staff, know the wedding will be live-streamed and get the celebrant to announce it before the ceremony starts. 

Technical issues can happen with live streaming, so do consider hiring a professional. Another way is to get a same-day edit service from your video team. That means after the wedding, an editor will put together a highlights clip of your ceremony (and sometimes reception) and have it ready the following day. Then, you can share it online with everyone who wasn’t there. Depending on the time zone of your guests, this can be nicer than live streaming. 

We hope this has helped you understand some of the logistics and options to live streaming your wedding. Modern technology sure is a blessing in these times.

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