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How to tell if you’re ready to start touring wedding venues..

How do you know if you are ready to start touring venues?

Good question! And one I wished I had given more time and attention to because it’s all too easy to jump the gun and faff about with venue correspondence before you are ready (it’s understandable because WEDDING whooooooo).

And whilst we’d all like weddin gplanning to follow our expectations and neatly crafted timeline and spreadsheet, the truth is wedding planning can to rogue (because bright, shiny things and oh! champagne towers)! But, you’ll generally know you’re ready to call your favourite wedding venues and book in a time to tour if you tick these boxes..


  1. You know your venue style or you’re edging closer to what you do like or better still what you don’t. This should include your nice to haves in a venue and your non negotiables. Remember! You don’t have to sacrifice the vision you have for your day but you can be flexible in how you get there!
  2. You have a firm grasp on your guest numbers or an approximate. There’s no point looking at a venue with a 40 guest maximum if your list is pushing 80. Sit down and each write a list of who from your respective clans you’d love there. Then compare! As a rule of thumb, 30% of your guests may not be able to make it.
  3. You have a fair idea of the money you can invest into your day. This can feel tricky to wrap your head around because how do you even know where to start?! What do you mean a celebrant can cost $1000?! As a rough guide venue hire can range from $500 for a humble hall to $8000 for a chic, farm property. Then you’ll need to bring in the rest. Or for an all-in-one venue with venue, food and drinks service you’re looking at $80 – $180 per head depending on style, type and offering. So play with numbers and how do these stack up against the venues packages you’ve received? – it’s a smart move to have a realistic number you are comfortable spending. To help you arrive at this, you’ll need to figure out based on your guest list numbers, how much will it cost to feed and water them! Stay tuned because we’ll be running the numbers on the average cost of wedding suppliers so you can factor this in when budget planning.
  4. You’ve figured out how you’ll fund this thing. Whether it’s a savings plan, family help or something else. Don’t be shy when it comes to “talking turkey” with your venue (and vendors for that matter) because this might help with your decision and budget requirements. Be direct but respectful and ask these questions. Can we pay it off, what are the payment terms, how long do we have to pay, when do the final installments have to be made by? Need some tips on how to talk money and budgets and fine print with your venue? We’ll be bringing you example sentences you can use to help it not feel so awkward!
  5. You have a few key dates in mind or at least a year and month for a proposed date.
  6. By now a few venues might be peaking your interest and you can start to imagine your wedding unfolding at a few of these.
  7. You’ve researched your favourites online, requested their wedding packages and you’ve reached out to FB groups to gather any inside information for couples who have been there!

So to recap, by now you’ve seen a few venues you like the look of online and it’s time to seal the deal of which venues make the touring cut! If you’ve done all of the above now you’re ready! 

  1. Make a shortlist of 3. Seeing anymore than this in one day is bad juju – not really but you’ll be trying to remember which loos went with which views.
  2. Call the venue directly, take note of who you speak to (because it’s good manners and helpful down the track).
  3. Tell them you are keen on arranging a time to visit and match your availability with theirs.


PRO-TIP: Remember venues may not be open when you are available so a day of leave and an opportunity to explore the region can also be a fun way to shop for venues.

  1. Reconfirm the pricing you have seen on the website and in the packages.
  2. Pop the date and time in your calendar. You may not be the only couple touring so don’t be late (or earlier than 5 mins of your scheduled time). Be sure to check out our do’s and don’ts of touring a wedding venue here!
  3. Next! Download our wedding venue checklist so you don’t forget any of the crucial questions to ask when you are there! 


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