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Five money habits blocking your wedding savings funds

It can be quite addictive, this whole money saving game, but you’ve got to commit to making some small changes to get there. My biggest (and most obvious) money-saving tip is finding everyday savings! Yep – there are a bucket load and we’ll explore more in the upcoming Wedding Budget Bootcamp. You can join the wait-list here!

Here are just five undesirable money habits blocking you from saving (even more) for your wedding. 

Not a comprehensive list by any stretch but a good chance to reflect on some daily, weekly spendings you need to confront on your way to saving for your big day – Big in occassion and equally (in most cases) big on your budget. It’s all too easy to keep the latte-two-sugars-please habit on the way to work every morning (I am a sucker for a drive through Macca’s caffeine hit).

It’s equally as easy to hit the local cafe or office tuckshop for a quick bite (yep, you’ll see me there a few times a week too). Weekend hangs with buddies, pump classes, indoor plant sales and all the things needed to keep you feeling on top of the world.

Now, let’s throw a wedding into the mix. Add in a few choice words like WEDDING BUDGET and it’s a recipe for hot sweats and overwhelm city! 

Where can you make some small changes that’ll mean big (dollar) change in the short to long term?


According to whatasleep.com.au, did you know the average Australian sinks 14 cups of coffee every week. With an average cuppa setting you back $4 or more #almondmilk

Have done the maths? Folks that at least $56 per week! Over the course of one year thats almost $3000!!! Could you cut down? Cut out takeaway? Buy a keep cup and BYO?

What would an extra $1, 2 or 3 K in your wedding budget mean for you?


Yep we’ve all got one! (or four). Go on! Do a stocktake on how many streaming services you are actually paying for. If you’re anything like me, Stan is not a nice man when he just hits you up for $10 bucks a month and doesn’t deliver the viewing goods! 

Do you actually need them all? Can you share accounts with family?

What about Spotify, Audible? Do you need the premium versions of these?

Give yourself a goal of looking at how much your internet, mobile, and streaming services and see where you can claw some dollars back!


Are you still in lockdown uber eats mode? Be honest.

Did you know, according to comparison service Finder, the monthly spend across a number of major food delivery platforms during the height of the pandemic was $161 per month in some cases.

How does this compare to your household?

Is there room to save here?


An oldy but a goody and for good reason! If buying lunch at work costs $15, but bringing lunch from home costs only $5, then over the course of a year, you can create a $1300 wedding fund to sink extra cash into – or make a significant contribution to paying down your vendors.


J.Lo is a wise woman but sorry sister, love DOES cost a thing when it comes to date nights! But it doesn’t have to break the bank – Get creative with dating adventures on a real-person budget. Everything from stay-at-home options for the true lonerangers among us to outdoorsy adventures that require a little bit of spare dollars and sense, the right attitude (and snacks). Try volunteering at an animal shelter, have a picnic in a national park, hit up community events around you to see what’s on, head to garage sales, farmers markets. 

If you are looking for easy ways to save your hard earned money AND put more of it towards your wedding budget fund, look for ways to reduce your monthly bills. Get on the phone and shop around and you;d be suprised at the money you can save and reallocate or “sink” into your wedding budget fund!

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