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Changing Your Name After The Wedding? Here’s where to start.

Today’s blog was inspired by the beautiful bride-to-be Michelle who left a very good question in one of our favourite resources – Wedding Facebook groups. We are sure many brides are wondering the same thing. 

“Does anybody have a list of things you need to change your name on after getting married?”

When you tie the knot in Australia you have the right to take the surname of the person you are marrying. Or you can keep your family name if you prefer. You can also hyphenate your names. Traditionally the woman will take the man’s name but some modern couples do it the other way around. There are many reasons to take or not take your partner’s name and lucky we have the freedom to choose.  

There is no need to register your name change. You can simply show your official marriage certificate to prove your new name.

When it comes to documents you should update with your new name there are a lot. Until you think about it, you don’t realize how many documents and records your name is on. We can break it down into two groups. Documents that the name change is important, for example official documents like your passport and driver’s license. Then there’s the ones you will want to change that aren’t so vital such as your library and gym card. Below is a list but we are sure you will think of more. 

⦁ Medicare card
⦁ Driver’s license
⦁ Passport
⦁ Bank accounts
⦁ Insurance and superannuation providers
⦁ Will
⦁ Doctor, dentist and other medical records
⦁ Australian Electoral Commission
⦁ Australian Taxation Office
⦁ Mobile phone and internet providers
⦁ Utility providers

⦁ Social media platforms
⦁ Membership cards such as library, fitness center, points cards
⦁ Rental agreements and rental bond board
⦁ Pet registry
⦁ Crypto currency investments

It’s a good idea to update your passport, driver’s license and Medicare card first. Some other places might ask for several documents to show your name change. Some people like to update all their documents at once while others update them as they use them. Either way it can be a time-consuming task but at the same time seeing that shiny new name on paper is a bit of a thrill. 

We recommend you update the essential documents right after your wedding. When you book your honeymoon flights and accommodation don’t be over eager and use your new name unless you have already updated your IDs with your new name. 

For social media many people choose to put their maiden name in brackets so friends and family from their past can still easily find them. 

We hope this article has triggered your mind onto all the things you need to change your name on after you get married. Looking through your purse and bookmarked websites is another way to find those documents that you should update when you start married life complete with a new name.

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