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What if the venue of your dreams did exist…just not in all the usual places you’ve been looking!

G’day! I’m Camilla from Find My Perfect Venue and I have been in your shoes!

You’re probably doing a whole lotta guessing and hoping and wishing the venues on your shortlist won’t break the bank or can cater to wheelchairs! Or maybe you’re waiting on a dozen or so wedding packages to be emailed to you just in case the 56th venue you’ve contacted ticks your boxes.

It’s a darn drag and a time zapping quest, I know!

What if you already had all the answers to your venue questions! 

That’s right! You’d have your very own comprehensive, easy to understand, reference guide detailing what each venue was packing!

– Per head budget indicators

– Minimum spend

– Guest numbers

– Curfews

– Facilities including wheelchair firendly, kid friendly, pet friendly!

– All the need-to-know venues in your region, state and country.

Imagine how much time (and sanity) you would claw back for more important things like wedding cake and wine tasting oh and I don’t know.. your relationship, your cats, your indoor plants! No more google fatigue and wasted weekends touring the wrong venues.


Well listen up!

I am travelling Australia to uncover the best wedding venues in the country! And you guessed it – Now you can discover the perfect spot to get wed. So register for the waitlist today because this guide will be a game changing, sanity saver for wedding couples forever-more! 


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